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Hotel management

Embark on an exciting and rewarding career in hotel management with Westberg International's comprehensive Hotel Management Programs, including diploma courses in Kerala. Start with our Diploma in Hotel Management, a 6-month program designed to provide you with essential skills and knowledge for entry-level positions in the hospitality industry. Gain expertise in front desk operations, food and beverage management, and more as you lay the foundation for a successful career in hotel management. For those looking to advance their skills further, our Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management offers an in-depth and immersive experience. Spanning 1 and a half years, this program covers various aspects of hotel operations, such as rooms division, event management, and revenue management. Immerse yourself in the world of hospitality and unlock international opportunities.

Take your passion for hotel management to new heights with our BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management program, offered in collaboration with renowned universities in Switzerland and Ireland. In just 1 year, you'll gain advanced knowledge in strategic management, leadership development, and global hospitality trends. Experience the cultural richness of Switzerland and Ireland while honing your skills for senior positions in the hospitality industry.