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Health and Safety - your right career path...

The Health and Safety profession is significantly increasing as regulations are tightening locally and globally. The Profession is becoming more important and popular each day. Increased costs due to industrial incidents more companies are recruiting certified Health and Safety professionals. This is where your opportunities are born. The demand is expected to grow more aiming to create a healthy and safe environment for all its workers.

Since workplace Health and safety domain are gradually becoming an important part of business and industrial operations many companies have begun to hire Health and Safety professionals who are experts in the field and those who can contribute to creating a better plan for risk management.

This is where the opportunities for this profession increase day to day, filled with responsibilities and growth. The primary role of a Health and Safety professional is to make sure the workplace is safe and healthy. It includes ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, evaluating and monitoring health and safety hazards, inspection of establishments and workplaces and planning and developing strategies to reduce risks. This profession will force you to work towards a better work culture and decrease the number of injuries.


It has become important for companies to follow high health and safety performance in the workplace, this is why the doors are open for health and safety professionals. As a Health and Safety professional one important role is to protect the physical and mental wellness of the employees in the workplace. Also, it includes implementation and management of health and safety initiatives to prevent work-related accidents, injuries or fatalities. Another reason why Health and Safety is an important career choice is because of the opportunity for progression and also people realising how rewarding this career can be in the long term. Important roles of Health and Safety professional consists of delivering training programs, dealing with workers compensation Board and disability claims, conducting ongoing inspections, developing strategies to continuously improve workplace health and safety in a variety of environments.


One among many important benefits of the Health and Safety profession is that it proved to have good job stability. The job market for Health and Safety is getting better each year. Different industries are recruiting Health and Safety professionals thus leading to enormous job opportunities. Some industries where you can find jobs include private and government organizations, hospital and healthcare organizations, schools, retail, construction, factories, Insurance companies, etc.


There will be more job opportunities for Health and Safety professionals due to the increasingly strong economic activities. When it comes to the future Health and Safety profession is expected to continue growing over the coming years more than any other occupation. The jobs for Health and Safety professionals are expected to grow by over 10% through 2026. The ongoing regulations about food, environmental and working place safety will be creating more job opportunities in the future. Infrastructure projects and commercial constructions will lead to more opportunities in the field of Health and Safety....

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