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Basic Health And Safety Courses in Calicut,Kerala

Basic Health and Safety Courses are essential to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals in various industries. Westberg International provides a comprehensive range of Basic Health and Safety Courses, including fire safety awareness courses, first aid courses, and food safety courses.

The first aid course and CPR training cover how to respond to emergencies, such as heart attacks, injuries, and other medical emergencies. Successful completion of the courses leads to a first aid certificate, which is recognized worldwide. CPR recertification is also available for those who need to renew their skills.

Food safety courses cover topics such as food hygiene and safety, food handlers' certificates, food hygiene certificates, and food safety certificates. In Kerala, India, Westberg International offers first aid courses and first aid certificate courses, food safety courses, and food and safety courses. Additionally, HACCP courses are also available, including HACCP level 3 training and HACCP level 4 training in Kerala.

These courses are crucial for ensuring compliance with regulations, improving operational efficiency, and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. By providing Basic Health and Safety Courses, Westberg International helps individuals and businesses achieve a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment.

Westberg international provides Basic Health and Safety Courses it Includes..

  1. Occupational Health and Safety Awareness: This course provides an overview of the basic principles of occupational health and safety, including identifying hazards and risks, implementing safety procedures, and understanding the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees.
  2. Fire Safety Awareness: This course covers the basics of fire safety, including fire prevention, evacuation procedures, and the use of fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment.
  3. First Aid: This course teaches individuals how to provide basic first aid in case of an emergency, including how to perform CPR, treat burns, and stop bleeding.
  4. Manual Handling: This course teaches individuals how to safely lift, carry, and move objects to prevent injuries such as strains, sprains, and back pain.
  5. Food Safety: This course covers the basics of food safety, including food hygiene, temperature control, and the prevention of food-borne illnesses.